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Singapore Reiki Lessons is established with the genuine belief that each and everyone of us have the ability to heal ourselves using universally abundant life energy. These energies can be activated by qualified Reiki masters.



About Jeverina

Singapore Reiki Lessons
Jeverina Cheong in meditation mode

My name is Jeverina and I have personally been trained in Taiwan by my Reiki master on Level 1 Reiki training and Level 2 Reiki training in 2009. I have enjoyed the tremendous benefits of Reiki and would like to make it easy for people who are interested in learning alternative healing method, to find a suitable Reiki Master for themselves.

I am very passionate about health, healing and matters relating to spirituality. In my pursuit to understand these matters, I have attended numerous courses on meditation, motivations and alternative healing methods. 

In 2008, I had a personal crisis that left me living in misery. I was flooded with negative emotions, negative thought patterns, fears and depression. It affected my sleep and in turn my immunity was affected. I was constantly falling sick. 

I was feeling very insecure, helpless and lost my direction in what I want to do in life and work. I was going around in circles and always felt trapped and stucked. As time passed, my desire to break free led to a desperate search for an answer. I was desperately looking for ways and means to be healed, both internally and externally. 

One day, when I finally set in my mind that I want to be healed, the universe opened the door that led to various connections with helpful people, which eventually linked me up to my Reiki Master and the world of Reiki. 

I am very fortunate to have met with an excellent Reiki Master in 2009 that I felt comfortable with. I continue to feel energy flowing throughout my body after my Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 training. This beautiful experience has transformed my life.

This has inspired me to start to recommend good, qualified and experienced Reiki Masters in Singapore to help others discover their unlimited potential to live a balance, fulfilling and joyous life.