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Can Reiki Help Me?

Reiki can help anyone, most importantly, it can help you!

Reiki can help you, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

At the physical level, Reiki can help you with flu, headache, back pain, insomnia, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer etc.

People with many medical conditions reported that Reiki has helped them increase the rate of physical healing and improve their health. After Reiki treatments, people can sleep better and their immune system is strengthened.

Reiki complements standard medication treatment. You can combine Reiki treatments with other healing therapies such as acupuncture, foot reflexology, massage, etc.

Reiki helps to reduce and in some cases, eliminate the side effects of regular medical treatment. This includes surgery, post operative pain and negative effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients, etc. Reiki itself is not a cancer treatment but it helps to relieve pain and discomfort. Thus, Reiki treatments can be offered simultaneously with any medical, complementary or alternative treatments.

In fact, in some of the western countries like USA, Reiki is being offered to patients at some prestigious hospitals.

At the mental level, Reiki aids concentration. People who practice Reiki feel focus and can easily pay attention to the present moment. Reiki also promotes personal awareness. Most people feedback that they feel more centered and has better mental clarity.

At the emotional level, Reiki helps to overcome fear and anxiety. People feel less depression and even feel less angry. Reiki also helps to relieve stress and helps to cope with daily challenges more positively.

At the spiritual level, Reiki enhances connection. People feel happier, more contented as they are more connected to themselves and the people around them. Thus, Reiki helps to improve relationship.

How can Reiki help in so many situations? This is because Reiki does not address a symptom or condition directly but rather Reiki balances your entire system which connects to one another in the body – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki balances energies within the entire body.

Now, grab the opportunity to learn Reiki!  This is one of the best investments in life. Share this gift of love, i.e. Reiki healing with your family, your children, your friends, your plants, and your pets, etc.


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Improve Health Through Reiki

The weather is changing! Bacteria and viruses are mutating at a rate never-seen before!

People struggle through life to make ends meet. There are some who strive to work harder to enjoy a comfortable life.

In the end, their health takes a toll on them. All the wealth that they have earned and saved ended up paying their medical bills!

What’s worst? They have to endure the physical, emotional and mental sufferings that come with the illness that struck them and their family members.

The illness drained them financially and robbed them and their loved ones of their happiness.

It is very obvious that our health is threatened and ruined by a major factor – Stress which has been covered in Release Stress Through Reiki.

Do you want to improve your physical and mental health, as many people do? By doing so, you can live longer and happier. Happiness begins with good health.

To achieve better health, very often, people turn to methods that are overall unhelpful and bring side effects. For example, people think that seeking pharmaceutical attention will resolve all their health problems. Pharmaceutical solutions have their value and place, but there are other more effective solutions to improve health.

Reiki is one of the effective solutions to address some of your health issues, it has no side effect and does not cause any pain. It is easy to learn and apply – this is especially suitable for modern people whose hectic schedules leave them with little time and energy for any form of exercises.

Reiki is a way that allows you to help your body and mind return to their natural harmonious states of well-being. As you may already know, the mind and body coexist together as one. With the tranquility and serenity of Reiki, your mind will be free from stress and the body will become peaceful. Once you have achieved this, you will discover that your life improves on a number of important levels. Reiki can indeed help you to regain your long lost health.

With Reiki, a person can connect and channel the energy from the universe to every parts of your body. This energy source runs through every meridian lines within your body. When all energy paths are cleared, your body will be healthier.

In the event that you fell ill, the practice of Reiki will quicken the recovery process and reduce the side effects of any medication.

Learn Reiki today and start changing your life for the better! Your quality of your life will improve!


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Release Stress Through Reiki   

Stress has become one of the greatest diseases of modern man. Hectic work schedules, endless deadlines, meeting KPI (key performance indicator), cost cutting, achieve target within tight budget etc. There are constant demands to perform better and better, at much higher level that we could have imagined to make a living!

In these days of mobiles, emails and social network. Everyone is rushing at top speed and has no time to wait. Everything is urgent! People are always in a hurry. People are no longer walking through life and enjoying every moment of it. Rather, they are dashing around trying to achieve as much as they can.

All tensions are the result of constant worrying for the future. They are always thinking, "how can I be more productive, efficient, and cost effective so that I won't be fired!";  "how much more time do I have to achieve what I want?"; "will I have enough savings for the kids when they go to university in the future?" ...

People’s mental state are not as strong as before due to living in such a stressful environment over a prolong period of time!

Stress causes headaches, migraine, muscle aches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, hives, skin problems and a broad range of other problems that you need not have, if you choose to.

Nobody wants this, but it is inevitable that we are affected by it at some point in our lives. Now, we must learn how to release stress.

To release stress, we go for movies, exercises, massage, holidays, etc. On the negative side, some people got addicted to smoking, drinking and taking drugs. They think that this is the right way to resolve their problems. Maybe this is a temporary relief but after sometimes we are back to the same old grind. It is not the situation that matters but our reactions to these situations that arise!

How does Reiki help to reduce and eliminate stress?

Stress, worries, anxiety, negative and harmful thoughts, disrupt and block our life’s flow of energy and thus result in imbalances, which can lead to emotional and health problems.

Reiki helps to balance the energy flow in our body, this in turn helps us to relax.

Reiki relaxes our mind and allows our body to heal itself.

In the state of relaxation, we are free of stress and worry, our mind is calm and peaceful. This helps our body to restore its natural, inner ability to heal itself.

The healing energy of Reiki can help us handle these stressful situations better; allowing us to react to these situations in a more positive way and in turn will reduce any ill effects of stress have on us, both emotionally and physically. The clarity of mind to see the present situation allows us to solve our problems quicker.

With lesser emotional burden, our mind is at ease and this indescribable feeling of freedom will set our mind and body free. In such a state, we will sleep better.


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Sleep Better With Reiki  

Tired of lying awake at night staring on the ceiling, staring at the clock, tossing and turning with your mind racing? You can’t relax and you can’t sleep. Before you know it, it’s time to get up and you are just as exhausted as you were when you went to bed …

Sounds familiar?

For many people, this is not just an occasional event, but a constant round of insomnia and exhaustion.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  •  Difficulty falling asleep 
  •  Wake up often during the night  
  •  Waking up to early in the morning  
  •  Unrestful sleep  

Insomnia has become a worldwide phenomenon. Lack of sleep is the number one cause behind all of man's illnesses and disorders. The person who cannot sleep rightly, cannot live rightly. Sleep is not a waste of time. It is because of those eight hours of sleep, we are able to stay awake for sixteen hours. During those eight hours of sleep, life-energy is accumulated, our life gets revitalized and our brain and heart are calmed.

In the night when you want to sleep the mind goes on working, and that’s enough for insomnia. Yet, you have no control over the mind to stop it.

In the case of insomnia, the mind goes on working even though our body badly needs a rest. Because in the day, there were many sidelines of thoughts which have been left incomplete, now have to be attended to and completed. Our mind is a perfectionist. It wants to do everything perfectly, so whatever has remained incomplete it is trying to complete it. It has no need of sleep. It is the body that needs sleep. The mind has been functioning too much and going so fast that it has become habituated to it. The mind has to be relaxed to allow the body to go into sleep. Insomnia is the result of physiological and psychological repressions on the mind-body process.

Insomnia can ultimately cause depression, anxiety, and fatigue, especially if we have a chronic condition that does not seem to go away.

Treatment for insomnia is another tricky issue. The medicine to cure insomnia has a whole host of side effects, such as difficulty in concentrating, memory impairment, decreased motivation, decreased productivity, interpersonal problem, increase worry, increase anxiety, heart disease, frustration, depression, etc.

Reiki is a natural way to deal with insomnia. It has no side effects and it uses our body's own internal energy to regulate and heal itself.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could feel totally relaxed when you went to bed, slept soundly for eight hours or more and arose the next morning feeling fresh, energized, your batteries recharged and ready to face the day?

Reiki helps loosens up the blocked energy and promotes total relaxation. It promotes better health by balancing the body’s energies and functions on all levels, i.e. body, mind and spirit.

Reiki relaxes the body and the mind – when the mind is relaxed, the body will also relax. When we relax, we can sleep. When we sleep, our own immune system goes into higher gear. This is one of the most wonderful benefits of receiving a Reiki healing. Reiki treats the body as a whole, rather than just symptoms, it is effective and safe.

On a mental and emotional level, anxiety (one of the major cause of insomnia) is reduced, our sense of well-being is increased, and another level of relaxation can be felt. At this degree of deep relaxation, our energies are re-balanced and the natural healing of the body is enhanced, leading to a more relaxed sleeping pattern.

Reiki awakens your body, mind and spirit to a more relaxed and restful lifestyle. We all know how we feel after a good night’s sleep, restored and relaxed, and how we feel drained and zombie-like if we have an unrestful sleep.

Most Reiki practitioners have feedback and shared their experience that one or more courses of Reiki treatments help most people sleep better. Many of their clients also feedback that when they have a Reiki treatment for insomnia, they will usually sleep well that night, they woke up less during the night and when they woke up they felt so revitalized and recharged. This allows their clients to cope with their daily challenges better.

When you learn Reiki, you can heal yourself every night before you go to sleep. This will improve your sleeping patterns.

Come and experience and discover Reiki yourself! Good luck and I hope you will be sleeping soundly soon!


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