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The Seven Chakras

Excerpt from OSHO, the Golden Future, and discourse 6

The way the mystics in the East have categorized the evolution of consciousness is in seven centers…

In the old language, the seventh is ‘knowing God,’ the sixth is ‘knowing yourself’, the fifth is ‘being creative,’ and the fourth is ‘being loving, sharing and knowing others.’ With the fourth, your journey becomes certain; it can be guaranteed that you will reach the seventh. Before the fourth, there is a possibility you may go astray.

The first center is the sex center, which is for reproduction – so that life continues. Just above it… the sex energy can be moved upwards, and it is a great experience; for the first time you find yourself self-sufficient.

Sex always needs the other. The second center is the center of contentment, self-sufficiency: you are enough unto yourself. At the third center you start exploring – who are you? Who is this self-sufficient being? These centers are all significant. The moment you find who you are, the fourth center opens and you find you are love.

Before the fourth the journey has started, but there is a possibility you may not be able to complete it. You can go astray. For example, finding yourself self-sufficient, contented, you can remain there; there is no need to do anything anymore. You may not even ask the question: ‘Who am I?” The sufficiency is so much that all questions disappear.

A master is needed in these moments, so that you don’t settle somewhere in the middle without reaching the goal. And there are beautiful spots to settle…feeling contented, what is the need to go on? But the master goes on nagging you and wants you to know who you are; you may be contented, but at least know who you are. The moment you know who you are, a new door opens, because you become aware of life, of love, of joy. You can stay there; it is so much, there is no need to move anymore. But the master goads you on, ‘Move to the fourth! Unless you find the purest energy of love, you will not know the splendor of existence.’

After the fourth, you cannot go astray. Once you have known the splendor of existence, creativity arises on its own. You have known beauty; you would like to create it also. You want to be a creator. A tremendous longing for creativity arises. Whenever you feel love, you always feel creativity just as a shadow coming with it. The man of creativity cannot simply go on looking outside. There is much beauty outside… but he becomes aware that just as there is an infinite sky outside, to balance it there must be the same infinity inside.

If a master is available, it is good; if he is not available, these experiences will lead you onwards.

Once your third eyes is opened, and you see yourself, the whole expanse of your consciousness, you have come very close to the temple of God; you are just standing on the steps. You can see the door and you cannot resist the temptation to go inside the temple and see what is there. There you find universal consciousness, there you find enlightenment, there you find ultimate liberation. There you find your eternity.

So these are the seven centers – just arbitrarily created divisions, so the seeker can move on to another in a systematic way; otherwise, there is every possibility, if you are working by yourself to get muddled. Particularly before the fourth center there are dangers, and even after the fourth center…

There have been many poets who have lived at the fifth center of creativity and never gone ahead – many painters, many dancers, many singers who created great art, but never moved to the third eye. And there have been mystics who have remained with the third eye, knowing their own inner beauty; it is so fulfilling that they thought they had arrived. Somebody is needed to tell you that there is still something more ahead; otherwise, in your ignorance, what you will do is almost unpredictable.

Man is such that he needs someone who has known the path and knows the pitfalls, knows the beautiful spots where one can remain stuck, and has compassion enough to go on pushing you – even against you – until you have reached to the final stage of your potentiality.


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The Art of Healing

From Hawayo Takata’s early diary (Hawayo Takata was the Reiki Master who brought Reiki to the western world)

In my attempt to write this essay on the Art of Healing in limited words, I will try to be practical rather than technical, because what I am about to define is not associated with any material being which is visible, nor has a shape, nor name. I believe there exists One Supreme Being – the Absolute Infinite – a Dynamic Force that governs the world and universe. It is an unseen spiritual power that vibrates and all other powers fade into insignificance beside it. So, therefore, it is Absolute!

This power is unfathomable, immeasurable and being a universal life force. It is incomprehensible to man. Yet, every single living being is receiving its blessings daily, awake or asleep.

Different teachers and masters call him the Great Spirit, the Universal Life Force; Life Energy, because when applied it vitalizes the whole system; Ether Wave because it soothes pain and puts you into deep slumber as if under an anesthetic, and The Cosmic Wave because it radiates vibrations of exultant feelings and lifts you into harmony.

I shall call it ‘Reiki’ because I studied under that expression. Reiki is a radionic wave like radio. It could be applied locally or as in short wave. A distant treatment could be successfully given. Reiki is not electricity, nor radium or X-ray. It could penetrate thin layers of silk, linen, porcelain or lead, wood or steel, because it comes from the Great Spirit, the Infinite.

It does not destroy delicate tissues or nerves. It is absolutely harmless; therefore, it is a practical and safe treatment. Because it is a universal wave, everything that has life benefits when treated: plant life, fowls, the animals, as well as human beings, infants or old, poor or rich.

It should be applied and used daily as prevention. God gave us this body, a place to dwell, and our daily bread. We were put into this world for some purpose; therefore, we should have health and happiness.

It was God’s plan so he provides us with everything. He gave us hands to use them to apply and heal, to retain physical health and mental balance, to free ourselves from ignorance, and live in an enlightened world, to live in harmony with yourself and others, to love all being.

When these rules are applied daily, the body shall respond and all we wish and desire to attain in this world is within our reach. Health, happiness and the road to longevity, which we all seek. I call this perfection.

Being a universal force from the Great Divine Spirit it belongs to all who seek and desire to learn the art of healing.

It knows no color, nor creed, old or young. It will find its way when the student is ready to accept. He is shown the way. Initiation is a sacred ceremony and the contact is made. Because we are associating with divine Spirit, there is no error nor should we doubt. It is Absolute!

With the first contact or initiation, the hands radiate vibrations when applied to the ailing part. It relieves pain, stops the blood from an open wound; your hands are ready to heal acute and chronic diseases – the human beings – the plants – the fowls – the animals. In acute cases, only a few minutes’ application is necessary. In the chronic cases, the first step is to find the cause and effect.

It is not necessary to undress the patient completely, but it is better to loosen all tight clothing so that the patient may relax lying on the table face up. Most important is to find the cause of the illness.

Start treatment from the eyes, sinus, pituitary glands, ears, throat, thyroids, thymus, stomach, gall bladder, liver, pancreas, solar plexus, ileum caecum colon, sigmoid flexure, ovarian glands, bladder, then front chest and heart. Turn patient over, treat the back, lungs, sympathetic nerves, kidneys, spleen, and prostate gland.

During the treatment, trust in your hands. Listen to vibrations or reaction. If there is pain, it registers pain in your fingertips and palm. If the patient has itch, it reacts the same; if deep and chronic, it throbs a deep pain, or if acute, the pain is a shallow tingle. As soon as the body responds to the treatment, the acute ailment disappears but the cause remains. Dig into the cause daily and with each treatment, improvement is seen.

After the organs have been thus treated, I finish the treatment with a nerve stroke which adjusts the circulation. Apply on the skin a few drops of sesame oil or any pure vegetable oil.

I place my thumb and forefinger on the left side of the spinal column and the three fingers and palm flat on the side of the spinal column. With a downward stroke – 10 to 15 strokes – to the end of spinal cord. Only in diabetic cases are the strokes reversed; arms and legs are manipulated towards the heart.

The above treatment is called the foundation and it requires an hour or more, all depending on the complications and seriousness of the case. Going through the body in minute detail, the hands become sensitive and are able to determine the cause and detect the slightest congestion within, whether physical or mental, acute or chronic. Being strictly drugless and a bloodless treatment; Reiki will adjust the body to normal.

In about four days to three weeks we find a great change taking place within the body, all internal organs and glands will begin to function with much vigor and rhythm.

The digestive juices put out normal flow, the congested nerves slacken, the adhesions break away, the lazy colon gets organized, the faecal matter drops from the walls of the intestines, the gases eliminate. Many years of accumulated toxin finds its way out through the pores. It is a sticky perspiration.

The bowels increase, dark and strong in odor. The urine increases like dark tea, sometimes as if flour stirred in water. It lasts four to six days, and yet I have had patients who reacted with only one treatment. When this is established, you are assured of a big general overhaul of the intestinal organs taking place.

With such good cleansing the body becomes active. The numbed nerves regain sense of feeling, appetite increases, sound sleep becomes natural, eyes sparkle, skin glows like silk. With new blood and good circulation, nerves and glands restored, it is possible to rejuvenate five to ten years

At this time, it is very important what you consume. In the Reiki health treatments, we are vegetarians and eat all kinds of fruits in season.

Nature provides with plenty, but never to waste. Overeating is a sin. Eating in moderation, with a feeling of gratitude, to recognize the Great Spirit who is the creator, who is the All Power to make things grow and blossom and bear fruit.

Come to the table with pleasant thoughts. Never eat when you are worried. Milk, white sugar, and starches are to be avoided when the patient has a weak stomach. With proper food, the patient responds faster to the treatments.


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An Episode Of My Reiki Healing Journey

A few years back, some of my Reiki practitioner friends encouraged me to learn Reiki. However, I was not ready at that time.

In 2008, I had gone through a very painful emotional struggle. I was terribly trapped in misery. My mind was repeatedly playing my sad victim role in different forms of dramas with the main storylines of 'I am a miserable victim'. I felt so sorry for myself for being treated unfairly by fate, by life in the family and in the workplace. I was flooded with lots of negative emotions and negative thought patterns from anger, anxiety and fears to feeling insecure, helpless, lost and depression. I was constantly at war with myself, fighting against myself. The more I resisted, the more negative emotions arose. On one hand, I wanted to get out of the misery; on another hand, I wanted to cling to the misery! One part of me was saying yes, while another part of me was saying no. I was split, full of conflicts and confused by the many different voices in my mind. I was suffering and struggling in this endless loop.

Feeling split, trapped and stucked, I was so desperate to break free from this prison that I eventually approached Nirvikar (one of my Reiki practitioner friends) and expressed my interest of attending Reiki workshop conducted by her Taiwanese Reiki Master, Mahita Wang (王靜蓉) and acquired the Chinese books written by her Reiki Master. Nirvikar had been sharing with me about her Reiki healing experience with Mahita and had been recommending her books to me for more than six months, but I did not pay much attention to that then as I was too busy playing my victim role.

I waited for three months for the availability of Mahita's Reiki workshop. While waiting to attend her Reiki workshop, I read three of the Chinese books written by Mahita. In her books, there was no knowledge, but wisdom and truth. I felt a strong energy of love radiating from her books that touched me deeply. Healing has begun through this resonation with her energy. I could feel that all of my wounds were opening to be healed, just like an onion being peeled layer by layer. The process was painful. I shed lots of tears while reading her books and connecting to her. Intuitively, I knew that I have found a Reiki Master who can help me. Yes, when the student is ready, the Master appears.

I checked with Nirvikar on my preparation for the Reiki class. She replied 'nothing, just be aware, be present. Surrender and relax in Mahita's being and absorb her light'. Not knowing what she meant, I flew to Taiwan to attend the Reiki workshop .

Mahita started with a healing session to release our tension via role playing and various activities. Within a day, I went to the toilet six times, although it was not diarrhea. Somehow, I knew that it was a part of the cleansing process, especially because I have a sensitive body. In various exercises, some emotions surfaced and were then released. The course then followed with a Reiki background, Reiki attunement, Reiki hand positions, Reiki practices, etc. It lasted for two days. After the second day, I felt that the tension in my body had gone; the muscles had relaxed, and I felt so much lighter. That night, I slept like a baby. I had not been sleeping so soundly for many years, as I had often suffered from insomnia due to my anxiety and tensions. I noticed that in Mathita's presence, the one thousand and one monkeys in my mind no longer swung so vigorously. I was shocked that I was able to stay present and pay full attention throughout her class. This had never happened before, as my mind was usually hyperactive most of the time.

Upon my return, I met my friend Ivy to pass her some gifts. She looked puzzled at me and commented that I looked so different within one week's time - I was so energized, like batteries being fully recharged (she met me before I flew off to Taiwan). A few days later, my ex-colleague suddenly called me and asked me what happened to me that I looked so radiant (he said that he saw me and Ivy having lunch in Loving Hut) and he arranged a lunch appointment with me to find out more. Even my masseur asked me 'Are you falling in love? You look so radiant'. Yes, I was rising in love with Reiki!

For some months, every night I practiced Reiki before I went to bed. Tears continued to flow for many weeks. Sometimes, these nights left me crying in pain, feeling sorry that I had been so harsh to myself, and crying for all the pain that I had inflicted on myself. I apologized to my body and my inner child, seeking forgiveness for self-sabotaging. I could feel the pain in my heart when I used Reiki on my heart chakra. Sometimes, the nights also left me crying in gratitude, feeling very grateful that existence had opened the door that lead me to a new healing journey, opening my heart to accept the gift of love – Reiki, and allowing love and light to enter my life with deepest gratitude.

I flew to Taiwan again to advance my Reiki Level 2 training – to continue with my Reiki practices, Reiki attunements, learning Reiki distance healing and Reiki symbols.

In the first day, I felt that something as hard as rock within me began to soften, not understanding what all of these things meant other than the sensation (when I look back, I realized that 'the rock' within were my resistances and defenses that strengthen and safeguard my EGO).

In the second day in particular, I felt my energy become stuck in my heart chakra, and I felt its denseness. This feeling made me very uncomfortable. In one of the exercises with my partner, she also felt that my energy became stuck in my heart chakra. Mahita – a Reiki Master who understands the language of soul and energy healing in depth, selected me in one of the role playing exercises without my verbalization that my heart was tensed and tightened. After that exercise, I immediately felt that the energy started to flow in my heart chakra. During the closing session of the Reiki class, when my partner hugged me, she said joyfully 'The tightness in your heart chakra is gone; I feel that your energy is flowing'. Yes, I felt that I was showered with joy, love and light.

After Reiki Level 2 training, for at least a week, my mind seemed to disappear. There was clarity, brightness and freshness everywhere around me. I was aware that my watching had a different quality; witnessing happened by itself, effortlessly. There was a stillness within even though the mind was still chattering; the stillness seemed to be the Master. I felt undisturbed by the outer world. I could feel there was a shift in my consciousness. Although the mind slowly started clinging again after one week, there was clarity in many things. In the past, I used to complain, finger point and blame others for causing my misery and sufferings, and find all kinds of excuses for getting stuck and not moving forwards. Now, it was crystal clear to me that it was because I did not want to be responsible for myself, for my life. It was always easier and more convenient to blame others and find scapegoats than to shoulder the responsibility of living fearlessly and dangerously!

Subsequently, more and more 'bugs, lizards and cockroaches…" began crawling out one by one in my daily life in different situations for me to recognize them - I saw my lacking, my unworthiness, I am not good enough, some part of me that I could not accept, etc…my awareness increased and in many of the same situations, I did not react in the same ways as before.

Somehow, I knew that my life energy was flowing, although I did not know where it was leading me to. I felt excited yet fearful for the changes and challenges ahead.

I am very grateful and thankful to be connected to my Reiki Master, Mahita, for showering me with her love and light, to support me in this part of my healing journey. I feel that life is so beautiful and my meeting with so many beautiful souls on this planet is a gift. We are all connected to one and another and supporting each other on this journey.

I continue to walk on my inner journey, facing challenges in my daily life, learning to accept, to say yes to life, to flow with the river of life, flirting with the unknown and danger; learning to be responsible for my life, learning to open my heart and my senses to listen to the present moment and share my love and light.

Dearest LIFE, thank you for being my greatest teacher!

Love & Light,
Jeverina 21.5.2011


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My Experience and Insight On The Journey Of Personal Growth

I have learned Reiki from my Reiki Master, Mahita Janaki, for seven years, over which my awareness has grown. Step by step, I have learned to move inwardly and to connect to myself.

Today I would like to share with you the journey of my personal growth. I personally feel the following points are very important to be aware of when facing our daily life issues. All of our daily life issues offer us the opportunity to choose LOVE:

a) Soft with love

How soft and gentle we treat ourselves and others depends on the beliefs that we have on personal growth. We all expect love from the outside and from others, but the only "things" we can be in charge of are ourselves, i.e. our body, mind, spirit.
If we look at some of the main personal growth terms that we may have read from books or heard inworkshops, such as aware, allow, accept, appreciate, say yes, surrender, these terms represent energy that is very gentle and soft – they are love energy. In order for our life to flow easier and smoother, rather than in resistance, we say yes and appreciate everything that happens and comes along in our life.

b) Our beliefs/values in our life issues

We need to be aware of from where our beliefs come. Why are we so identified or attached with our beliefs and are willing to "pay a higher price" in order to hold onto these beliefs?
I personally feel that we should be listening to our body language, feelings and intuition, because those come from our honest and true voice. This listening allowsus to follow our heart, which guides us wisely, instead of following the conditioned beliefs from our minds. We should learn to use our inner wisdom to reassess all the beliefs we have with an open heart.
Most of us live our life according to the beliefs that can fulfill our yearning needs, like we want to be loved, to be accepted by others, etc., and we feel safe and secure in doing so. However, we forget about our self-love.

c) Trust Existence

Our 'I" always wants to be in charge, in control of everything and to think we know what is the best choice for us. I feel that many of us are very unconscious most of the time. When our unconsciousness is taking charge of our life, we will attract people, incidents and situations that are very painful for us to experience.
We should learn to trust Existence and to listen to the higher power's voices that really have the wisdom and love to take care of each of us as a whole.

d) Intimate relationships

First, learn to be intimate with ourselves, and then we are able to cultivate an intimate relationship with others and the Universe.
Everyday, most of us are so occupied and busy with our outer world and neglect to spend time connecting to ourselves and listening to our inner voices. Have we ever asked ourselves what can really enrich ourselves?

e) Self responsible for 'anything" that happens in our life

I have learnt to reflect on what I have contributed to those happenings that come into my life. If I can always remind myself to see in this way, I will have the chance to grow and to choose Love. I have the chance to be more aware of my opportunities to learn and to breakthrough these lessons.

Above are some of the main insights I would like to share, especially with those who have just begun their personal growing journey. I really hope we all can move more easily and smoothly and save time in our journey to growth. Just as a reminder, always trust your own inner wisdom voice and we all will have abundant resources to face our daily life issues.

By Lian Sie - 1.5.2011


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